Springwood: The First Town in the Blue Mountains

Long before European settlers arrived, the history of what we know as Springwood belonged to the Dharug people of the Blue Mountains. They lived in harmony with the land, relying on its abundant wildlife and resources. Their legacy lives on in the region’s natural beauty and cultural significance.

European Exploration and the Blue Mountains Crossing

Springwood played a pivotal role in the European exploration of the Blue Mountains. In 1789, William Dawes, a surveyor and astronomer, led an expedition that reached the area now known as Springwood, venturing closer to the mountains than any European before.

Years later, in 1813, Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth made their historic crossing of the Blue Mountains, passing through Springwood and establishing a base camp there. Governor Macquarie later followed their route, naming the area “Spring Wood” after the natural spring he encountered.

The Birth of a Town

Springwood grew from a military barracks into a bustling town with the arrival of the railway in 1867. The Springwood Inn, established in 1845, served as a vital stop for travellers and a hub for the growing community. Today, remnants of Springwood’s early days can still be seen on the main street, including the historic train station.

Experience Springwood’s Charm

On your Blue Mountains Day Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the history of Springwood with local hospitality. Enjoy a delicious lunch at The Bunker, a popular local restaurant, and stroll along the main street, where historic buildings and charming shops offer a glimpse into the town’s past.

Uncover the Blue Mountains’ rich history and heritage on a Blue Mountains Day Tour

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