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From Spokane, Washington to the Blue Mountains

G’day from the heart of the Blue Mountains! Today, we had the privilege of hosting Ian, Leslie, and their daughter Caitlin from Spokane, Washington, on a private Blue Mountains Day Tour for a family to celebrate Caitlin’s graduation. This family was seeking a unique adventure to mark this special milestone, and we were thrilled to… Read more »

New Characters on Blue Mountains Day Tours: Waterfalls, Pavlova, and More!

Andrew and Yulie from Boston, decided to embark on an epic adventure visiting Australia and our Blue Mountains Day Tour was high on their agenda. They decided to spend an entire month travelling and exploring our incredible country. With Amy, our wonderful Blue Mountains Day Tour guide at the helm, they embarked on a journey… Read more »

The Amazon team treating themselves to the Blue Mountains!

Today, on Blue Mountains Day Tours we hosted a crew of Amazon employees including their boss, Kylie, on an experience they will never forget. Their tour guide Amy showed them the Jamison Valley, Scenic World, and ancient rainforests. Lunchtime brought a hilarious discussion! They were celebrating their time in Australia and getting matching tattoos was… Read more »

Dreams really do come true

Today’s Blue Mountains Day Tour was a reminder of why we love what we do. Dreams really do come for tourists in Australia from all over the world. Sean, our resident storyteller and Blue Mountains expert, guided a group of young New Yorkers on their Aussie adventure, along with Mohammad, a Qatar Airways engineer, and… Read more »