Every day we work hard but increasingly of late we are meeting well seasoned world travelers that are saying our tour is the best they have ever been on. Why? Well, we think it’s because a) we are all local to the Mountains and b) we tell stories that from the moment we leave Sydney and cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge we rely on our guests to not just listen but use their imagination. We say ‘anyone can drive a bus and take you to the Blue Mountains but we are different we will tell you stories that make you feel as though you actually know the lives of the three explorers and some of the prisoners that came to the colony back in 1788….imagination, it is everything’ and with this our stores begin……..’

You too can hear the stories of our past, how our country began, who were the explorers that failed in their attempt to cross the Blue Mountains and ultimately who was the explorer that was successful in unlocking the land on the other side of the mountain, ‘enough land to feed the colony for the next 30 years’

Simply see your concierge and ask them to call us or you can book directly via our website and secure your position on one of the more informative Blue Mountains Day Tours.

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Video Jim and Martha Calafornia