Today we flew the flags from three countries in the Blue Mountains

March 10, 2018
Bus Tour

What an awesome group of people today. From the moment they all got on the bus they were in great spirits and lots of laughs. They loved visiting the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and hearing about Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson and how they crossed the Blue Mountains at a time when no-one else could.

Sarah from England was here 12 years ago and sadly the Three Sisters were clouded in so as the cloud moved in she said ‘oh NO it’s the curse’, and as the cable car descended deep into the valley we dropped under the cloud and there they were. She was one incredibly excited tourist to have broken the curse and finally seen the Three Sisters in all their glory.

And our school students from Hong Kong with their teachers loved every single moment of the day and were so excited when they saw the Kangaroos in the wild for the very first time. We would love to see you on our Blue Mountains Day Tour, we have bookings already in place for next summer for those planning ahead so whenever your trip is book now to secure your spot otherwise you may miss out on being on the Mountains number one locally owned tour group.





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