As tour guides we see something different every day. Recently we hosted one of our popular overnight camping adventures and amazingly we witnessed a local Cockatoo struggling to fly. It managed to claw its way to a tree truck and we watching in amazement as the animal made it half way up the tree. Then what we saw was simply incredible and something I and my team had never seen before with the Cockatoo. Two other birds arrived and started feeding the sick animal. One week on we were back in the park and we noticed the Cockatoo still stranded in the tree and its mate squawking nearby never leaving the vicinity. It’s incredible what we see and we watch in amazement every day. Click the link below. If you would like to join us on either our overnight camping adventure or Blue Mountains Day Tour you can book online or call our team to discuss your dates that you will be visiting our amazing region.

Cockatoos video IMG_2573