There has never been in recorded history a fire on and around Mt Solitary. For those that have already visited our beautiful Blue Mountains, this is the massive flat time mountain that we would have showed you with a perfect view from Lincoln Rock and Scenic World. The National Parks and Wildlife planned the fire and on Tuesday the 8th of May they commenced the hazard reduction with 3 helicopters starting the fire from the air in controlled burn lines.

It looked absolutely spectacular. Our business owner Graham Chapman had the day off but he couldn’t stay away. He was there on the spot as the hazard reduction started and stayed for most of the day capturing historic images. You will love the image below with his friend Roz who owns and operates a local information app and website called ‘Ask Roz’.

Enjoy these pictures and if you’re wondering why the fire was so necessary? It is crucial to rid the forest or leaf litter that can be very dangerous in our summer months. This fire is 3,500 hectares in size ensuring that the fuel is removed for the next hot Australian summer.