Red Hands Cave

Allow yourself to be mesmerised by the layers of hand prints and stencils in Red Hands Cave; one of the best examples of Aboriginal art in the Blue Mountains.

Although it’s thought to have been painted between 500 and 1600 years ago, you can still see the vibrant, earthy colours of red, yellow and white, which combine to make an overwhelming collage. Standing in front of this art is a highly emotive experience, and it’s impossible not to be transported back hundreds of years.

Amongst several techniques, the artists would chew a mixture of ochre and water, and then blow it over a hand resting on the wall, forming a stencil.

At Blue Mountains Day Tours we offer regular guided walking tours to the Red Hands Cave however numbers are limited, and these are often booked out. You can book your Red Hands Cave walking tour by calling our mobile or filling in an inquiry form on our website. Whilst walking along the tranquil Red Hands Cave track to the cave our expert team will deviate slightly and show you the Aboriginal axe grinding grooves in the rocks beside Camp Fire Creek