Our SNAKE discovery goes viral across the world

March 19, 2018
Bus Tour

Blue Mountains Day Tours was just going about our normal day showing people the beautiful Blue Mountains. During one walk back in January, we decided to take a small walk to a popular lookout when one of our guests walked off the track slightly to look at some bird-life. Our guide followed and wow look what he found laying on a rock in various pieces. A snake YES a SNAKE that had been devoured by ants….so he quickly, used a stick and moved the pieces back together and snapped off some photos and placed them on our Facebook site. OMG we never expected the image to be liked by so many people from so many countries. Here is the story that was picked up in England. Click the link to read about our incredibly discovery back in January. We would love to see you on our well respected Blue Mountains Day Tour or better still an overnight camping experience where you get to camp in the Australian bush followed by a day tour the following day.

Daily Mail Ants devour snake in the Australian bush

Express Digest – Ants devour dead snake leaving skeletal remains 


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