Our first tourists from the Island of Kauai Hawaii

March 11, 2018
Bus Tour


Talk about pressure! When you have tourist operators themselves on the bus there’s always that little voice in the background ‘I hope they like it’. Meet Kurt and Bonnie, they own their own helicopter business on the island of Kauai, the place where amazing movies have been filmed.

As Kurt said ‘Harrison Ford has been thrown out of our helicopters and Duane Johnson too’.

Graham showed them the Kangaroos in the Blue Mountains and they were blessed with the weather from start to finish.

We always love promoting other like minded tourist operators so if ever you are heading to the island of Kauai look them up and let them know you saw this post and the team at Great Camping Adventures and Blue Mountains Day Tours send their best wishes. There website is www.islandhelicopters.com – we can’t wait to visit them and get a tour of their island 🙂 If you would love to see our beautiful Blue Mountains click here and book your tours today.

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