Lots of cloud but they touched the Three Sisters

March 14, 2018
Bus Tour

Lynne and Debbie are old school mates from the United States and they had a day spare in Sydney before heading on the cruise of a lifetime. They picked a day when the cloud came rolling in but when that happens our team go beyond and look for other opportunities. We took them well over 1,000 metres so they were just marginally above the cloud and they got to see albeit momentarily the vast cliff faces and trees below of our beautiful Blue Mountains. As a special treat they got to walk down to Honeymoon bridge and touch the first sister.

They had the greatest day topped off with a visit to the original road built by William Cox back in 1814 after Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson crossed the Blue Mountains. If you would like to see the Blue Mountains click here and book your Blue Mountains Day Tour today.

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