In 2016, Leura was named in the list of top 50 most irresistible, exotic, historic and postcard-worthy small towns in Australia.

Located just East of Katoomba, Leura boasts small shops, boutique and antique stores and many cafes and restaurants.

The village centre is like stepping back in time and is situated on Leura Mall which is divided by a wide grassy median strip and often during Spring and Summer you will see people just relaxing, reading books or chatting, soaking up the warmth of the sun on this grassy area, as the world passes them by.

Often on a cold winters day and providing the temperature is right Leura can turn into a winter wonderland. Whilst snow is infrequent, when it does snow, the main railway lines becomes crowded with locals wanting to see this spectacular site for themselves.

On our Blue Mountains Day Tour we stop in Leura for lunch and often there is time for our guests to roam the small Mountain village.