Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves is an iconic tourist attraction: it is regarded as Australia’s best cave system and a must-see destination for millions of tourists and locals alike. Located in the Blue Mountains near Oberon, Jenolan Caves hold significant value for many people including scientists and nature lovers. They are especially important for the local Aboriginal people. The caves name originated from the Aboriginal word Jenolan meaning ‘high mountain’.

The Jenolan Caves also have historical significance. In 1866, the Fish River Caves Reserve (original name) was gazetted as the first reserve in NSW made for the protection of a natural feature. As a tourist destination, the Jenolan Caves became very popular from the outset so to accommodate the influx of visitors, the first wing of Caves House was built in 1897. As people continued to arrive another first was created. In 1889 a water-driven Leffel Wheel was installed near a waterfall on the Jenolan River. Although built after the 1885 short-lived Hillgrove hydroelectric scheme, the Jenolan installation continued to function and went on to become one of the first hydroelectric schemes on mainland Australia. Jenolan was also the site of the first ever electric lighting within a cave anywhere in the world and to this day you can still see the lighting that was installed over one hundred years ago.

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