Happy 35th wedding anniversary

July 10, 2018
Bus Tour

Congratulations to Mark and Suzie from California on their 35th wedding anniversary. We start every tour as strangers but when it’s all over 10 hours later we are leaving friends and that’s exactly what happened today. What an incredible couple, so positive and thankful to be seeing Kangaroos for the very first time in their lives. They got to go walking in the Australian bush and see so many amazing animals.

If you have a special occasion be sure to let your concierge know so our team can make your special day that little better. You can also get in contact with us directly so we can see if your travel dates are available.

Safe travels back to the United States to our happy couple and we can’t wait to one day cross their paths again.

Blue Mountains Day Tours Scenic World
They had the time of their lives on the Worlds steepest railway at Scenic World which is part of our Blue Mountains Day tour.


Wild Kangaroos on our Blue Mountains Day tour
Our tour guides have been camping and hiking in the Blue Mountains for over 40 years so they know how to get you nice and close to the wild Kangaroos on our Blue Mountains Day tour


Lincoln Rock Blue Mountains Day tour
They just said WOW! The view was a magnificent way for them to spend their 35th wedding anniversary. Mark and Suzie from California said their Blue Mountains Day tour was the highlight of their trip. This magnificent view is at Lincoln Rock in the Blue Mountains.


Feeding the Kangaroos at Featherdale Wildlife Park
Feeding the Kangaroos was another highlight of the day when Mark and Suzie visited Featherdale Wildlife Park before heading back to Sydney. They said when they return to the Hilton they will let the concierge know that our day trip was the best trip they had ever been on.

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