Our guided walks to Red Hands Cave an outstanding success in the Blue Mountains

January 15, 2018
Bus Tour


Red Hands Cave, Blue Mountains
The way in which the Aboriginal people created the stenciled hands that still appear on the walls of Red Hands cave to this very day
Red Hands Cave, Blue Mountains
46 hands from Adults and Children still stand proudly on the walls of Red Hands Cave to this very day.

The Red Hands Cave has stood silently for over 1,000 years and recently we decided to commence guided walking tours to the Cave located in the lower Blue Mountains at Glenbrook. The Darug and Gundungurra people have called this land their home for over 40,000 years and the Red Hands Cave is a signature that will stand forever to remind us all of the importance of Aboriginal culture. The Aboriginal people were here   a long time before white man and this must always be acknowledged and respected. We love showing people this magnificent cave. Our tours operate on the first Saturday of each month and at certain times of the year we have additional walking tours scheduled. The feedback we have had has been incredible with people from across the world seeing the caves for the very first time. Todd Ulin from the United States said ‘I was so amazed when I saw those hands to think they were placed there over a thousand years ago and they still remain is amazing. The guide had great knowledge and the lunch we had at the end of our walk was really appreciated. I would have no hesitation in recommending people do this tour’. You can take a guided Red Hands Cave walking tour by clicking here they are on the first Saturday of each month.

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