Follow the leader 1, 2, 3 on our Blue Mountains Day Tour

May 25, 2018
Bus Tour

Today was another magical day as Three Kangaroos played a little game with Graham. Just watch as the Kangaroos wait for him to get closer then, as if they had it planned one after the other they hop up the hill with the last Kangaroo just waiting at the top of the stairs to keep an eye on him.

Graham first camped in the Blue Mountains in the exact place where these Kangaroos play every day when he was 7 years of age. He remembers it well:

‘How could I ever forget that experience camping with my best mate Dave and his dad and a group of other kids when in the middle of the night a possum snuck into our tent, which one of us left open and climbed into my sleeping bag. I woke up screaming and to do this day I have no idea how I didn’t get scratched. That possum took off like a rocket’

We would love to show you the wild Kangaroos and all the baby Joeys that play in this special campground. Simply book online or send us a message and let us know your travel dates and we will confirm if those days are available. Graham gets close to the Kangaroos because he respects them and they know him well as he is there every day.

Click on the link below to see the three cheeky Kangaroos.

Follow the leader 1,2,3 Kangaroos putting on a show on our Blue Mountains Day Tour

‘Ok everyone here comes Graham from Blue Mountains Day Tours with his guests so….I'll jump first then you guys follow… it! I will stay at the top of the stairs just to keep an eye on them’:) Ah the joys of yet another special day in the Blue Mountains and the things Graham and our tour guides get to see.

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