He flew to Australia for the weekend and gave us 11 out of 5

March 6, 2018
Bus Tour

Douglas Waters an incredible young man from California decided to fly to Australia for a weekend and we are glad he did. Just prior to departing he chose our company to give him a tour of the Blue Mountains. We showed him parts of the Mountains that he fell in love with and as his trip advisor review says ‘I am planning to come back with some buddies and go camping with Graham and his Great Camping Adventure team’. We even arranged for him to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge that evening. What an awesome story from the 23 year old American and we can’t wait to see him come back and enjoy the Australian bush ‘under the stars’. If you would like to join us on our Blue Mountains Day Tour click here, if you would like to experience an overnight camping experience followed up with a tour of the mountains the following day click here or perhaps you would like to experience a weekend camping complete with Aboriginal dancing and country music around the campfire click here – our weekend camping experiences only run between September and April.


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