Chapo comes to the rescue of Blue Mountains hiker

February 20, 2019

Today on his way out of the Blue Mountains National Park business owner Chapo came around the corner and couldn’t believe his eyes. Before him was a group of international tourists. They were genuinely concerned and crowded around an elderly man. Kim, who at 92 years of age, had been out hiking in the harsh Australian summer and underestimated the steep hills of the Blue Mountains National Park.  Graham could see Kim needed a hand and so drove Kim and his friends out of the park and ensured that Kim was well hydrated before departing.

This should serve a reminder to our international tourists that when visiting the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and enjoying the 141km of hiking trails, they must always plan ahead and look at the weather forecast. This was a great result, Chapo was happy he could help out his new mate Kim.

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