Camping weekend was surreal and perfect in the Blue Mountains

February 14, 2018
Bus Tour

They say pictures tell a thousand words and these images show how surreal and magical our Great Camping Adventures weekends really are. Guests on this weekend got to enjoy the magic of Aboriginal dance and country music around the campfire and during the day they were impressed with the most magical views of all time including the Red Hands Cave that has stood silently for over 1,000 years as direct evidence and a signature of the past.

All tents were erected, food supplied by our qualified chef and plenty of wildlife. The only thing we want you to worry about is finding your camera so you can snap off some photos of the wildlife.

It’s surreal camping in the Australian bush and you are in safe hands with the Great Camping Adventure team.

Our Great Camping Adventure weekends operate between September and April each year. You can secure a position on our final weekend in April by clicking here.


Kangaroos, camping, country music,
Relax as our chef prepares dinner. Chat and get to know your fellow campers. Wake up with Kangaroos, cockatoos and Kookaburras and enjoy the Australian bush.
Kangaroos, all inclusive camping, tents erected
There is plenty of time to relax and get to know those you are spending the weekend with. It’s surreal enjoying fine dining and drinks in the Australian bush and around the campfire.
Kangaroos, dinner in the campground, Australian bush
Enjoy dinner together and get to know each other whilst Kangaroos relax in and around the campground. Once the light goes the shimmer of the campfire takes over for all to enjoy.
Country music around the campfire, nothing more Australian than that. Award winning country music artist Darren Coggan loves entertaining our guests and he will get you singing along.
Aboriginal culture, dancing, Australia, Kangaroos
Aboriginal dancing around the campfire, it’s surreal and you will love the experience. The silence is broken with their unique sound and for a moment you will wish you were there before white man arrived.
Aboriginal culture, dancing, blue mountains
Aboriginal dancing around the campfire, it’s surreal as they explain their culture. They dance to the rhythm of the music sticks
Campfire, blue mountains, camping, kangaroos
Relax around the campfire as you camp under the stars. Children have always been fascinated with fire and this little fella was no different getting some lessons from Graham about fire safety.
Kangaroos, Blue Mountains
As you wake up we are waiting to give you a morning coffee and the Kangaroos are waiting as well as they roam freely around the campsite. It’s an amazing moment in the Blue Mountains.

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