A baby Joey hopping for the first time on our Blue Mountains Day Tour

May 24, 2018
Bus Tour

These are the moments we dream of.

Whilst showing visitors from Peurto Rico the Kangaroos in the wild, they got to see something really special. This was the moment the baby Joey came from the pouch and the mother Kangaroo gave the baby a lesson in hopping and grazing in the wild.

Our tour guides, lead by Graham know the Kangaroos well. We are all local to the Blue Mountains and we respect their space.

If you are watching this video and planning your holiday secure your place on our day tour today. We operate small buses allowing for you to go to places that the big buses just cannot go. We would love to show the beautiful Blue Mountains including the wild Kangaroos, the Three Sisters and the most magnificent cliff faces imaginable. Our peak season is between September and March and we book out quickly so secure your place today.

Click the link below to see this incredible moment.

Baby Kangaroo hopping for the first time #cute

These are the moments we love to see, on Grahams birthday as well, he was in the right place at the right time with tourists from Puerto Rico, as the baby Kangaroo came from the pouch and the mother hopped away teaching the baby how to hop in the wild. If you are watching this video from overseas or in Australia and you would like to get up nice and close to the Kangaroos, you need to book our tour. We all live in the Blue Mountains and respect the Kangaroos. The Kangaroos know our guides as we are there every day. The secret is not to rush them but respect their space. Get in touch and we would love to show you the beautiful Blue Mountains.

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