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$39.00 Kangaroos first thing in the morning

School Holiday excursion including Breakfast with the Kangaroos

Your kids will enjoy breakfast in the Australian bush. A day when children can learn about the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. This product is reserved for schools and/or groups consisting of children up to and including 14 years of age. Your children will have an awesome day with our guides always willing to share the stories of the Blue Mountains.

$395.00 Kangaroos

Overnight Camping Experience – camp with the Kangaroos

Only $395 for an ‘experience’ you will never forget.

Imagine an overnight camping experience in the Blue Mountains camping with the wild Kangaroos. The following day we will take you on a personal tour of the Blue Mountains and show you Aboriginal artwork and carvings and the most stunning cliff faces including the Three Sisters.

$195.00 Kangaroos

Blue Mountains Day Tour includes breakfast with the Kangaroos

Pay only $195 to enjoy Breakfast with the Kangaroos.

Within 2 hours people from around the world say this is the best tour they have ever been on. Listen to the sounds of Australia, hear the stories of our Country and enjoy a breakfast in the Australian bush. Highly recommended by all 5 star hotels in Sydney. Consecutive 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor

$795.00 Aboriginal Dancing Blue Mountains

Great Camping Adventures

The best $795 you will ever spend with everything included

We are the only all inclusive Adventure camping weekend in the Blue Mountains featuring live Aboriginal dancing and country music around the campfire. Abseiling, hiking trails, lookouts, the Three Sisters, fine wine and chef on site. We are currently selling our next adventure camping weekends which recommence September 2019.